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Executive Board

Bishop Michael D. Hannah, Sr., D.D., Executive President

 Bishop Jeffrey D. Goldsmith, Executive Secretary

Bishop Ira Combs, Jr., Executive Treasurer

Dr. Ruth Ann Tyson, Program Director/Campus Liaison

 Bishop Thomas E. Davis, Conference Facilitator/Student Care Coordinator


Board Members

Bishop George F. Austin

Elder Christopher Collier

Suffragan Bishop Roy C. Dawkins

 Bishop Robert Douglas

Bishop James W. Gaiters

Bishop Clifton Jones

Suffragan Bishop Charles W. Meadows

Bishop Gregory W. Newman

Suffragan Bishop James Rogers

Suffragan Bishop Leonard S. Scott

District Elder Bruce K. Shaw

Bishop Samuel Wright, Sr.


Regional Director

Suffragan Bishop Michael Shaw



Bishop Nathaniel J. Davis, Sr., Former Executive Vice President

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