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New Student Registration

New Student Registration

              Alaska Yukon District Council Bible Institute Online

                                                    200 24th Ave so  Seattle WA, 98144


3939 Meadows Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46205





1.               Are you a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.?           Yes   No

2.      Are you a member in good standing of a church belonging to the P.A.W.?  Yes  No

3.        Are you a member in good standing with the State Council?          Yes    No

4.      Do you hold current Local License/Fellowship Papers?       Yes   No  

Exp. Date?

5.      Are you now enrolled in a course(s) at Aenon Bible College?                       Ye  No      If yes, please state the course(s)                                                  

Please Note:

you may not apply for the ORDINATION PREPARATION COURSE unless you are presently a Licensed P.A.W., inc Minister

License Number                           Expriation Date

Please check the course in which you are enrolling:  Ministerial Introduction   Ordination Preparation

Where do you plan to attend classes?    Main Campus            Distance Learning            X Bible Institute

Name of the Bible Institute (if applicable)    Alaska Yukon District Council Bible Institute Online



(Last\                                                     /First)                                                              (Middle lnitiall


Last 4 Digits of Soc. Sec. # ---­

Date of Birth                                           _     Gender   M  /  F


Street Address:                                                                           Apt.#   


City/State/Zip                                                                                                                                             Telephone: (                                                   Email:                                                                                   

Home Church----------------------------------

Pastor:                                                                       Telephone:(                                                                


Your pastor and the Council official such as Bishop, Suffragan Bishop, District Elder,   must sign this application to make it valid.   Aenon bible College cannot process this application without these signatures.



Date:                                __


District Elder:                                                                                       Date:-----------


Student:                                                                                               Date:-----------

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