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BIBLE INSTITUTES are an exciting and effective way to equip your congregation and ministry leaders for twenty-first century ministry in and out of your church. They are an extension of the education program of Aenon Bible College or satellite campuses. The program is operated through the local church-your church!

Distinct from an area-wide concept of an extension school, the BIBLE INSTITUTES are strictly local and church-oriented. In any area or city, if there should be, for example, five local congregations that want and qualify to become a BIBLE INSTITUTE, there could conceivably be five institutes in that one area or city. However, none may operate within a thirty (30) mile radius of the Parent School (Aenon Bible College) itself.

Advantages of having a BIBLE INSTITUTE are:

    • Your students can be taught by local qualified instructors.
    • All courses and/or programs offered through Aenon's Distance Learning
      Department may also be offered through your BIBLE INSTITUTE.
    • A payment plan is available to all students, but a $35 deferment fee is added.
      • Students who complete one of the Degree Programs or a Certificate Program may participate in Aenon's commencement and receive the same recognition as those attending the Indianapolis campus.
    • Your institute will bring Aenon, which is the official school of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., awareness to your area of the country.
      • All institutes will have the same accreditation that the Parent School has from the largest non-government accrediting body in the world-The Accrediting Commission International.
      • BIBLE INSTITUTES will retain 50 of each tuition payment. For example, it your institute has 10 students who are obligated to pay $180 in tuition fees, your institute gets to keep $900 which represents $90 per student. Aenon gets the other $900.
      • After the first year of operation, the Pastor and Coordinator of your institute may take one time only ONE course, tuition free, but textbooks and associated shipping costs must be prepaid.


This schedule is set up for your convenience in checking off major items in your effort to get an Institute underway. More specific and complete information is available in the New Bible Institute Manual which costs $15.00.

What you must do:

    1. Get the Pastor's approval.
    2. Publicize and recruit.
    3. Send church application and contractual agreement to Aenon.
    4. Select Coordinator and send application and work history agreement to Aenon.
    5. After receiving approval from Aenon, the Pastor and Coordinator select the instructors for projected courses.
    6. The Coordinator sends the instructors' applications and work history forms as well as semester projection sheets to Aenon.
    7. Select classrooms that are conducive to learning and teaching.
    8. Keep in contact with the Parent School.

More things to do:

    • Continue to recruit students.
    • Have a general faculty orientation.
    • Have a general student orientation.
    • Have each student complete an application form and registration form which should be accompanied by a $20 fee for each form. Returning students do not have to pay the application fee. Ministerial Introduction and Ordination Preparation students have a special application/registration form which MUST be signed by the Pastor and
      District Elder or Bishop. Send all student application and registration forms to Aenon. Make a copy for your
      • records.
      • Continue to keep Aenon informed of concerns and issues.

General Responsibilities of the Local Host Church and Aenon

The Local Host Church shall provide:

    • As needed, classrooms that conform to the following minimum standards of study and teaching enhancement:
    • Sufficient light, heat, and, if possible, air-conditioning
    • Away from major noises or visual distractions
    • Enough space to accommodate at least ten (10) students
    • Adequate equipment and supplies for classrooms, such as chairs, instructor desks or lecterns, etc.
    • Completed applications for coordinator, instructors and students
    • Projection of semester courses (beginning and ending)
  • Remittances to Aenon:
    1. Prepayment for all book orders
    2. 50 of ail tuition fees including $35 per student who uses a payment plan.
    3. Payments may be made using a business check, Visa or MasterCard.
    4. Copies of student grades according to Aenon's format and standards.

The Parent School shall provide:

    • Keep a complete record of student grades, application and registration forms, payments, course changes and disciplinary actions.
    • Provide textbooks upon receipt of price and shipping for each one.
    • Ensure that the same academic awards shall be offered as the those offered by the Parent School for like achievements.
    • Supply necessary course materials and essential operating forms
    • Be available to answer questions and help resolve problems and concerns.
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