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Aenon Bible College had its genesis, as worthwhile projects are wont to do, in a dream. The dream was begotten, as dreams usually are, by facts in everyday life. The fact was that Pentecost, for all its vaunted possession of divine truth, was not effectively bringing it to its own kind. The late Bishop Karl F. Smith of Columbus, Ohio was aware of the fact and the fact begot in his mind the dream of establishing a means of providing systematic training in the Word of God to all who wanted it. At approximately the same time the late Elder LaBaugh H. Stansbury, also of Columbus, quite independently caught the same fever for setting up a school there to train, inspire and prepare persons in all walks of Christian life for dedicated and effective service. The two men met together, compared notes and agreed to a proposal which they presented to the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in 1940. It was approved and Aenon Bible College became a reality; a small reality to be sure, but one that was full of promise for many years in the future. Some years later a new idea was conceived and brought to birth: study by correspondence.

Thus the Home Study Department came into existence. The traditional birth pangs accompanied the new birth but they were not so severe as the "growing pains" that the frail offspring encountered in the following years. Those were difficult times for Home Study with problems that were not resolved until Aenon's Executive Vice-President, Doctor Mary J. Freeman concluded that the college needed a full-time Home study Director. The post was established and filled and since that time there has been a steady upward push in the quality of Home Study`s academic offerings. This upward push has been reflected in, among other things, the beginning of an extension school program. As it had been the beginning Home Study venture, so the incipient extension school project ran up against difficulties that took time, experience and prayer to overcome. But the demand was there for such a program and Aenon had to face it and respond. The extension school endeavor finally evolved into local church Bible Institutes operated by the college and local churches conjointly. This setup is more fully explained in the section of this cat alog dealing with Bible Institutes. Now both programs, Home Study and Extension Schools (Bible  Institutes) are established departments within the External Studies Division. From our present vantage point of faith we can see only a strong consistent growth for this Division. We also see by faith the knowledge of God's will going out in ever-widening ripples from this little pebble called Aenon that God has dropped in the vast sea that is mankind, until the whole world has available to it the knowledge of the salvation and Being of Jesus Christ. 

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